Nutritional Consult

What should I expect during a Functional Nutrition consult?

Below is an outline of what to expect during our time together. Because each person has an individual and unique biochemistry based on many factors such as current/past health history, heredity, nutritional choices, and environmental toxins. I will help you create a unique nutrition plan in order to transition through each step of wellness. These steps include; Detoxify, Repair, Rebuild, and Maintain. Our bodies take time to move through the detoxify/repair/rebuild stages but once accomplished, it is much easier to stay healthy by using a maintenance plan for long term optimal health.

90 minutes in office

  • Patient health history completed and delivered to office one week prior to scheduled  appointment
  • Health history reviewed and discussed during initial visit
  • Nutrition Assessment, Evaluation, and Plan for wellness created based on health information supplied by patient
  • Comprehensive Applied Kinesiology



30 minutes in office

  • 2-4 weeks after initial visit
  • Review and refine current nutritional plan and re-evaluate whole food support as necessary
  • Depending on length of time needed by each patient, additional visits can vary in price



  • These visits will vary based on the level you are working (Detox, Repair, Rebuild, Maintain)
  • Maintenance can begin 6-8 months after initial office visit
  • Extensive questions may require an additional consultation

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