Nutritional Consultation

What should I expect during a Functional Nutrition consult?

Below is an outline of what to expect during our time together.

Our bodies take time to move through the detoxify/repair/rebuild stages but once accomplished, it is much easier to stay healthy by using a maintenance plan for long term optimal health.

Step 1:     Complimentary Phone Consult: 15 minutes

  • Discuss your overall health concerns/goals and find out if this is the right approach for you.

Step 2:     Initial Visit/Evaluation: 60 minutes 

  • Discuss health history and gather information to paint a complete picture of your current state of health.
  •         Applied Kinesiology: Non-invasive muscle testing for finding nutritional weakness in overall systems of the body.
  •         The  Heart Sound Recorder: Viewing the balance of nutrition in the body through the lens of the heart.
  • A non-invasive general wellness device that uses the principles of auscultation to observe heart sounds to certain stressors (i.e. nutritional, chemical, emotional). Certain types of heart stress can be monitored by observing the Rate, Rhythm, and Tone of the heart cycle. The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is not a diagnostic device, but a tool used in evaluating your overall health and following the progress made when under proper wellness care.

            Preparing for your first visit:

No caffeine

  • Be well hydrated
  • No heavy meal 1 hour prior to appointment
  • Be dressed so you can comfortably get down to a shirt that is thin, such as a t-shirt.
  • Give yourself a relaxed timeframe around your appointment.

Step 3:     Report of Findings: 60 minutes – 1 week after initial visit

  • Discuss all results and common denominators found in your health during the Initial Visit.
  • Receive/Review individual nutrition wellness plan including whole food supplementation.

Pricing does not include whole food/herbal supplementation.

30 -60 minutes in office

• Review and refine current nutritional plan and re-evaluate whole food support as necessary

• Heart sound recording and Applied Kinesiology repeated at various stages to review progress.

• Depending on length of time needed by each patient, additional visits can vary in price 

• Progress visits range between 30 to 45 minutes.

• Maintenance can begin 6-8 months after initial office visit

• Extensive questions via phone/email  may require an additional consultation fee

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