My Journey to Heart Health

Viewing the nutritional needs of the body through the lens of the heart.

My personal heart journey

Two and a half years ago I had an infected tooth pulled, and the infection affected my heart.  Shortly after, I began having rapid heartbeats, and I was referred to a cardiologist. I was diagnosed with pre-ventricular contractions or PVC’s.  The cardiologist explained there’s not much to be done unless they really bother my lifestyle and because I eat well and am an avid swimmer, mountain biker, and hiker, all was well.  My symptoms included hearing my heartbeat, having some breathing challenges when walking uphill,  circulation issues, and general tiredness.  But because I was given a clean bill of health, I kept moving through my life.

Five months later at a nutrition conference, I was given a Heart Sound Recording Session and was shown to be severely deficient in B vitamins among other nutrients.  I was given Standard Process whole food supplementation, and by the next morning, my graph looked much improved.   It took about 8 months for me to really begin to feel like myself again and for my nutritional status to become more balanced.  I thought my diet was balanced but it was still lacking in therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals.

Why would this happen to a seemingly healthy individual?   I have a past history of terrible digestion beginning at birth, poor food choice when I was younger, and other past personal challenges that led to many of my health issues.   Nutritional deficiencies can begin at birth and or later in life after an event/surgery/medication, and my past resonates with all of these.

Because of my life changing experience, I offer Heart Sound Recorder sessions in my office as part of every client’s wellness care.  It views the nutritional needs of the whole body through the lens of the heart and is an invaluable tool that was a lifesaver for me.  Anyone asked knows the passion I have for my work, and my personal experiences up to now have shaped the passion and the understanding for others who need nutritional guidance.

My story is not uncommon.  For those who do not eat well, I can help guide you to make better choices, and for those who eat well, maybe just need some adjustments.  I can help fill in the gaps of anyone who wants to make a change to be healthier and live more optimally.

The heart’s reaction to certain stressors (eg: chemical, nutritional, emotional) can be observed using the Heart Sound Recorder. Originally built in the 1940s, the Heart Sound Recorder is a low-risk general health device that records the rate, rhythm, and tone.  Every test is saved and compared to later sessions in order to track progress after applying the proper nutrition.   The Heart Sound Recorder can be one tool in evaluating your overall nutritional journey as it can show the progress after making dietary and lifestyle changes.  The Heart Sound Recorder is NOT a diagnostic tool, does not treat cardiovascular disease, and should never replace any medical advice/recommendations of your medical doctor.

Please be aware, the Heart Sound Recorder is NOT a diagnostic tool, nor a replacement for medical care. The information presented above is my story and not the opinion of Standard Process, but mine alone.  It is in no way intended for the diagnosis or treatment of another person with a similar story or symptoms. Please consult your doctor if you experience any of the above.

 If my story resonates with you, or someone you care about, please contact me and or share this information.

Wishing all of you well.